Course Schedule (Updated Frequently)

Date Instructor Location Topic Readings Due dates
Wed, Jan 10 Thrun Gates 1B Introduction and course logistics; Image Formation (cameras, lenses, projective geometry) Chapter 1, Trucco and Verri  
Wed, Jan 17 Thrun Gates 1B Lenses and Brief tutorial MATLAB and OpenCV Chapter 2, Trucco and Verri; also see code examples  
Fri, Jan 19 Stavens and Vaish Skilling 191 Discussion Matlab/OpenCV and HW Assignment 1 Materials  
Mon, Jan 22 Kosecka Gates 1B Image Filter and Features 1 (Harris, linear filters, smoothing, derivatives) Harris corner detector and Chapters 3&4 of Trucco and Verri  
Wed, Jan 24 Thrun Gates 1B Camera Calibration (Extrinsics, Intrinsics) Camera Calibration Toolbox, Zhang's algorithm Assignment 1 due (written, matlab exercises)
Fri, Jan 26 Stavens and Vaish Skilling 191 Discussion: HW Assignment 2 Slides (ppt)  
Mon, Jan 29 Thrun Gates 1B Image Filter and Features 2 (SIFT features, Haar features, lines, Hough transform) SIFT paper, paper by Viola and Jones and Chapter 5 of Trucco and Verri  
Wed, Jan 31 Kosecka Gates 1B Epipolar Geometry, Stereo, fundamental matrix   Assignment 2 due (calibration)
Fri, Feb 2nd Stavens and Vaish Skilling 191 Discussion: HW Assignment 3 Slides (ppt)  
Mon, Feb 5 Thrun Gates 1B Advanced Stereo (Dynamic Programming, Sprites); alternative range sensors    
Wed, Feb 7 Kosecka Gates 1B Optical flow, Lucas-Kanade algorithm   Assignment 3 due (stereo)
Mon, Feb 12 Thrun Gates 1B Multiview Structure From Motion (affine methods, PCA)    
Wed, Feb 14 Kosecka Gates 1B Non-Linear SFM, correspondence (bundle adjustement, RANSAC); Step-By-Step Model Building from Handheld Camera   Project proposals
Wed, Feb 21   Gates 1B MIDTERM EXAM    
Mon, Feb 26 Vaish Gates 1B Image Stitching and Panoramas Full View Panoramas (Szeliski 97), Multi-band blending (Burt 83), Recognising Panoramas (Brown 03)  
Wed, Feb 28 Thrun Gates 1B Temporal Filtering and Tracking (condensation, Kalman)    
Mon, Mar 5 Steve Seitz and Noah Snaveley, UW Gates 1B Photo Tourism    
Wed, Mar 7 Marc Pollefeys, UNC Gates 1B Building Real-World 3-D Models From Image Sequences    
Mon, Mar 12 Thrun Gates 1B Segmentation, Grouping, Clustering, Snakes

Wed, Mar 14 Kosecka Gates 1B Object Recognition

Sat, Mar 17 All instructors Gates B12 (10am) Final Project Presentations    
Tue, Mar 20 N/A N/A Final Project Reports Due at 11:59pm    

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