List of CS223b Research Projects

Number Project Title Student Team PPT Presentation Final Report
1 Structure from motion in panoramic video      
2 Motion detection and tracking in geo-referenced panoramic video David Braginsky, Rex Eng, and Johnny Wang    
3 Tracking People with an Overhead Camera Team 1: Raylene Yung, Matt Jachowski, David Cohen

Team 2: Salomon Trujillo and Alex Perkins
4 Miniature SLAM system for 3-D Simultaneous Localization and Mapping      
5 A Machine Learning Approach to Lane Following      
6 A Machine Learning Approach to Visual Odometry      
7 Robot Object Recognition      
8 Tracking Stem Cell Behavior in Microwells Ryan Matthew Smith and Stefan Mohler    
9 Tracking Stem Cell Genealogical tree in Microwells      
11 YouTube Video Classification      
12 Location Recognition      
13 Where Am I?      
14 Self-calibrating robot-vision system      
15 Robotic Image Mosaicing for Optical Biopsy      
16 Learning hierarchical generic parts for object recognition      
17 Structure from motion in poorly textured environments      
18 Visual Odometry with Spherical Camera Pierre Bierre
Teammates Welcome
19 3-D Mosaicing Emre Oto, Qixing Huang, and Karin Linnersund    

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