Course Policies

Requirements for Passing

To pass this course, you have to
  • successfully turn in all written and programming assignments,
  • successfully pass the midterm exam, and
  • successfully pass the research project requirement.

Policies on Handing in Assignments

  • All assignments and the research project have to be done in groups of no more than three people. The groups configuration can change between assignments and the research project.

  • Every assignment has to be turned in on time, and each group will only have to turn in each assignment once per group.

  • Every individual student will be granted a total of six late days. Those late days can be applied to any homework assignment, but not to the research project. When an assignment or part of an assignment is turned in late, all students associated with the assignment accrue the sane number of late days.

    In the unlikely case that all late days have been used up, assignments will be worth zero points (but still have to be turned in for passing this course).

In the interest of the trees in this world, the instructors run this course paper-free. Programming and written assignments must be turned in electronically. Instructions will be included with each assignment.

Policy on Teaming

  • Homework assignments. You are encouraged to work in teams of up to three people for written and programming assignments.

  • Research Project: You are encouraged to work in teams of up to three people for the research project.

Research Project Requirement

To pass the research project requirement, you have to

  • Turn in your project proposal by the due date. Your project proposal has to meet the formatting requirements for the research project proposal.
  • Obtain approval for the project proposal by the instructors.
  • Turn in your project report by the due date. Your report will be graded with a letter grade. It must meet the formatting requirements for the final project report.

Policy on Grading

The grade will break down as follows:

  • Written and programming assignments: 30%
  • Midterm exam: 30%
  • Research project: 40%
  • There will be no final exam.


Announcements will be made on the Announcement Page. Students should periodically screen this Web site for possible announcements and policy changes.

The FAQ page will have the latest on open homework assignments. Check this page if you have a question. We will post all relevant questions and answers there.

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