Research Project Proposal and Report::Formatting Requirements

Research Project Proposal

  • Summary of the project [0.5 pages]
  • Problem definition (explain what problem you are trying to solve, why it is an open problem, and why it is interesting) [1-2 pages]
  • Available data (what data is available, if at all possible include images in your report!) [1-5 pages]
  • Approach (explain the techniques you plan to use for solving this problem. The more detail, the better) [2-3 pages]
  • Time line (what will you do when) [1 page]
  • Risk mitigation (what can go wrong? what will you do if this happens?) [1-2 pages]

Research Project Report

  • Obtain approval for the project proposal by the instructors
  • Turn in your project report by the due date. Your report will be graded with a letter grade. It must meet the formatting requirements:
  • Total length: 10-15 pages.
  • Section 1: Introduction: explain problem, argue why this is interesting, and give brief outline of your approach and your main results in a language that is understandable by a lay man
  • Section 2: Prior work: Reference prior papers (at least five of them!) and explain briefly why these papers are related, but why they don't solve the problem you solved.
  • Section 3: Your approach. Describe your approach in sufficient detail that it can be re-implemented. Be concise, use notation consistently, make text easy to read!
  • Section 4: Results. Here show graphs, tables, images etc. Argue that you actually achieved your claims in the introduction.
  • Section 5: Discussion. Briefly summarize your approach and results in 1 paragraph, then discuss open problems and future research.
Be selfish! Think of your project paper as a draft conference submission!

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