There will be two types of assignments in this course:

Written and Programming Assignments

Assignment #1:, hw1.pdf; Solutions (ps), (pdf)

Assignment #2:, hw2.pdf; Solutions (ps), (pdf)

Assignment #3:, hw3.pdf; Solutions (ps), (pdf)

Research Project

To successfully pass this requirement, you have to select one of the projects offered on this Web site. The selection pocess will be closed January 12.

Once a project has been claimed it is taken and cannot be claimed by another group. You have to submit a written interim report for approval by the instructor by Feb 4. You also have to submit a final project report by March 10, which has to address (1) the problem you solved, (2) the technique including their derivation (where applicable), and (3) experimental results you obtained using your approach. Ideally, the project covers interesting new ground and might be the basis for a future conference paper submission.

The instructors prefer to run this course paper-free. Programming and written assignments must be turned in electronically via email to, and project reports must be emailed to the primary point of contact, as specified on the project page.

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