Course Policies

Requirements for Passing

To pass this course, you have to
  • successfully turn in all written and programming assignments,
  • successfully carry out and report on the warm-up project,
  • successfully carry out a research project, which includes writing an interim project report, carrying out the research, and writing a final project report.
  • successfully pass the midterm exam
I also recommend to attend all classes. There will be no final exam.

Policies on Handing in Assignments

  • Everything has to be turned in, even if late.
  • Assignments turned in up to 48 hours after deadline will count 50%.
  • Assignments turned in after this point will be worth zero credit (but still have to be turned in). Same for interim and final project reports.
In the interest of all trees in this world, the instructors prefer to run this course paper-free. Programming and written assignments must be turned in electronically via email to

Policy on Teaming

  • Homework assignments. You have to work on your own for the written/programming assignments. No teaming.
  • Project: You are encouraged to work in teams of up to three people for your research project (but not for your warm-up project).
  • Reporting: When teaming, you have to declate the percentage effort provided by each team member in your project report. This will require that you track the level of effort and jointly agree on such a statement.

Policy on Grading

The grade will break down as follows:

  • Classroom participation: 10%
  • Written and programming assignments: 30%
  • Midterm exam: 30%
  • Research project: 30%


Announcements will be made on the Announcement Page and via Email to all registered students in this course. Please screen this Web site for possible announcements and policy changes.

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