Probabilistic Robotic: Errata (Third Printing)

You can recognize your printing number on the copyright page (Library of Congress Catalog reference) in the very front of the book. At the bottom, the row of numbers should end at "3". There have been substantial math changes between the third and the first two printings. The authors recommend consulting the third printing. Errata for first and second printing are still available.

LocationErratumCorrected textFound by
Page 18, Eq. 2.25 Typo in the definition of the covariance: E[()^2] instead of E[()]^2. Page 18 Gorkem Erinc
Page 29 In all conditional probabilities, X_{t_1} should be X_{t-1} Page 29 Dimitrios Kanoulas
Page 40 Small error in the floating text: "As we shall see, the canonical and the natural parametrizations are best thought of as duals". Of course, the {\em moments} parametrization is dual to the canonical/natural. no pdf Sven Albrecht
Page 41, Text before Eq. 3.4 Text should reference Equation 3.4, not equation 3.2 Page 41 Philipp Robbel
Page 87, 4th line in the text "Thus, the input to the..." should reference p_{k,t-1}, not p_{k,t}, to be consistent with Table 4.1 (same page) Page 87 Philipp Robbel
Page 104, Eq 4.34 and 4.35 A typo in the denominator, where the index for $z$ and $u$ starts at 1, not 0. Page 104 Philipp Robbel
Page 172, Table 6.3, line 8 replace "z_random" by "z_rand" no pdf Alvaro Aguilera
Page 179, Table 6.4. Line 4 is missing -\theta; see equation (6.40). Page 179 Bernhard Miller
Page 206, Eq 7.10 Second parameter in lower right corner of matrix should be \alpha_4. Page 206 Geoffrey Biggs
Page 258 Small error in the Algorithm Augmented_MCL: The initialization of the variable accumulating the average particle weight was missing Page 258 Cyrill Stachniss
Pages 297-298 Minor error: summation should be over $k$, not $i$. Pages 297-298 Mathieu Dubois
Page 322 Error in two elements of H+t^k. Page 322 Omid Aghazadeh
Page 361-362, Eqs. 11.41 and 11.42 Sign error Page 361-362 Michel Aoun
Page 361, Eq 11.41 replace \xi by \mu Page 361-362 Aaron Holtzman
Page 392, 395, Eq 12.6 Matrix Lambda should be negative Correction Han XinYu
Page 393, Line 13; and Eq 12.17, 12.19 (page 398) Changed "-" to "+" in update equation Page 393 and Page 398 Sun Zuolei
Page 397, Eq 12.12, Line 4 There was an orphan "b" at the end of the line, which has been removed Page 397 Sun Zuolei
Page 461, line 18, and page 463, line 24 Transpose at wrong location in initialization. Page 461-463 Udo Frese
Page 465, floating text Reference to M=8 should be N=8 Page 465 G. Erkan Bostanci
Page 502, Algorithm policy_MPD, line 2 An index error ($x$ instead of $x_i$) Page 502 Philipp Robbel
Page 504, text before Eq 14.19. Typo: Eq 14.19 provides the mean, not the mode. Page 504 Philipp Robbel
Page 532, Eq 15.42, line 3 Minor typo: replace $s$ by $x$ Page 532 Maxwell Collins